October 17, 2013  

eHarmoncestry.com - The ancestry you love.

Written by Nic Wegener
Produced by Rosie Kaller
Directed/Edited by Nic Stanich
Shot by Stephen Perlstein

Starring Heather Anne Campbell, Joe Chandler, Eric Moneypenny, Hal Rudnick, Jeff Sloniker, Lindsay Ames, and Shannoy Joy Rodgers

September 10, 2013  

Take a moment out of your day to consider one another.

Written and Directed by Heather Anne Campbell
Produced by Rosie Kaller
DP and Edited by Will Reese
Starring Heather Anne Campbell, Jeff Sloniker, Joe Chandler, Eric Moneypenny, Hal Rudnick, with Eric Stitt, Pam Murphy, Hannah Sohm and Ethan Harris-Riggs.

August 27, 2013  

Forget Madden, this NFL Video Game hits harder! 

Written by Eric Moneypenny.

Starring Colton Dunn, Jeff Sloniker, and Nic Wegener.

Directed by Matt Chapman

Produced by Rosie Kaller for “The Midnight Show”

DP: Ryan Moulton

Art and Sound: Ellie McElvain

Background: Rebecca Layne, Dick Beck, Jeff Boone, Budd Diaz, Ryan Haley, Ify Nwadiwe

August 7, 2013  

Need a little morning pick me up? Grab a cup of mushroom tea and let the magic of the Forrest take you away!

Written by Curtis Rainsberry
Directed by Jeff Tomsic
Produced by Rosie Kaller

Starring Nic Wegener
VO by Heather Anne Campbell
Featuring Jeff Sloniker as Melting Clown and Zora Bikangaga as Jimi Hendrix
Music Score by Mike Costantini

DP - Kevin Stewart
Steadicam - David Bladwin
Gaffer - Jordan Downey
Set Dresser - Ellie McElvain

July 8, 2013  

The Midnight Show’s Heather Anne Campbell is really a Google Glass Explorer! http://tinyurl.com/m8c723q

Today, at a TMS meeting, she’s showing the guys the cool video she made on her bike.

Written and Directed by Heather Anne Campbell

Produced by Rosie Kaller

DP and Edited by Ryan Moulton

June 24, 2013  

Vietnam was a time of great turmoil… and great expression.  Nowhere was that more evident than in the music!  Finally, all these songs are available in one place.

Written by Nic Wegener

Directed by Jonathan Sims

Produced by Rosie Kaller and Michael Busch 

Starring Nic Wegener, Stephanie Allynne, Joe Chandler, Hal Rudnick, Jon Dore, Rich Braiser, Josh Meindertsma, and Joel Dauten

Announcer: Kyle Shire

Sound: Ed Spangler

June 11, 2013  

This Guy’s A Narc

Four dudes suspect they have a traitor in their midst.

Written by Joe Chandler
Directed by Will Reese
Produced by Rosie Kaller
Starring: Joe Chandler, Curtis Rainsberry, Hal Rudnick, and Jeff Sloniker

June 4, 2013  


Daft Punk takes off their helmets to talk about their new album, Random Access Memories. It’s been a long time since they’ve been out of their helmets.

Written by Heather Anne Campbell

Directed by Matt Chapman

Produced by Rosie Kaller

Starring Heather Anne Campbell and Eric Moneypenny

May 23, 2013  

Sandwiches from a Weirdo

This weirdo wants to come into your home and make you a sandwich. Please let him. His name is Eric Jennifer. He’s a nice boy, but he is troubled. 

Written by Hal Rudnick

Directed by Kevin Willson

Produced by Rosie Kaller

Starring: Hal Rudnick and Heather Anne Campbell

May 16, 2013  

News Anchor Interrupted by Farting TV Show

A local broadcast of a tragedy is interrupted by Artie and Fartie, two farting roommates promoting their TV show.

Written by Jeff Sloniker & Curtis Rainsberry
Directed by Frank Howley
Starring Jeff Sloniker, Curtis Rainsberry, and Heather Anne Campbell
Visual Effects by Robert K. Smith